Texas Health Data

Center for Health Statistics

Data Description:

All data come from the Texas Board of Nursing's registered nurse relicensure files from 2000-2018. These data are self-reported by nurses when they renew their license every two years and demographic fields are not mandatory. The data represent a snapshot of the nursing workforce in September of each year.

Measure Information:

Counts include all registered nurses with a Texas license working full-time or part-time in nursing in Texas for whom the respective data were available. Counts should not be used to derive totals of the number of nurses in Texas or specific areas of Texas. Please note that occupational and environmental health was not a separate option for position type until 2002.

Texas Health Service Regions:

Panhandle = Region 1

North Texas = Region 2/3

East Texas = Region 4/5N

Gulf Coast = Region 6/5S

Central Texas = Region 7

South Texas = Region 8

West Texas = Region 9/10

Rio Grande Valley = Region 11


RN = Registered Nurse

MHSA = Mental Health and Substance Abuse

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