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Workforce Supply & Demand Projections

Data Source: Health Professions Resource Center (HPRC)

Data Description

Projected supply and demand for the nurse, physician, and oral health workforces are estimated for Texas statewide and by public health region using IHS Markit’s Health Workforce Model. The model includes two parts: the Health Workforce Supply Model (HWSM) and the Healthcare Demand Microsimulation Model (HDMM). The HWSM generates the supply projections and the HDMM generates the demand projections. Both models use a microsimulation approach for which the unit of analysis is the individual: in this case, providers for the HWSM and patients for the HDMM. The model used Texas-specific data when possible and data from national or other sources when necessary.


FTE = full-time equivalent

HDMM = Healthcare Demand Microsimulation Model

HWSM = Health Workforce Supply Model

LVN = Licensed Vocational Nurse

RN = Registered Nurse

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