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Inpatient Utilization

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Data Source: Texas Health Care Information Collection (THCIC)

About Inpatient Utilization:

The Texas Health Care Information Collection (THCIC) was created by Chapter 108 of the Texas Health and Safety Code (THSC) and was responsible, under Sections 108.011 through 108.0135, for collecting hospital discharge data from all state licensed hospitals except those that are statutorily exempt from the reporting requirement. The Public Use Data File (PUDF) contains patient-level information for inpatient hospital stays. These data are extracted from DSHS’s Hospital Discharge Database (HDD).

This Inpatient Utilization module offers aggregated data that are based upon data from the PUDF. Researchers and policymakers can create custom data tables to investigate questions unique to Texas, to identify Texas-specific trends in inpatient care and to compare data across time, geography, demographics, and other hospitalization characteristics.

Data Elements:

The Inpatient Utilization module contains total of 20 data elements/variables as follows. For more detail regarding data elements, see PUDF.

*First Payor Source is combined from detailed categories into 5 general groups.