Workforce Supply & Demand Projections

Projected supply and demand for the nurse, physician, oral health, behavioral health, and physician assistant workforce are estimated for Texas statewide and by public health region, urban-rural classification, and metropolitan/border status using the GlobalData Health Workforce Microsimulation Model. County level projections are not available.

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Data Source

Health Professions Resource Center (HPRC)

Data Description

Supply and demand projections were generated using the GlobalData (formerly IHS Markit) Health Workforce Microsimulation Model. Some factors to keep in mind when analyzing the data are:

More detailed descriptions of the models can be found in the technical document available at



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For questions about nursing projections, please contact the Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies at For questions about physician, oral health, behavioral health, or physician assistant projections, please contact the Health Professions Resource Center at

This dashboard was last updated May 2024.