Motor Vehicle Deaths and Crashes

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Data Sources

Texas Vital Statistics (VSTAT), Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Annual Texas motor vehicle crash statistics,

Data Description and Measure Information

Motor Vehicle Crashes are total crashes occurring within a Texas county as reported by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). A crash is defined as involving a motor vehicle in transport, but not involving aircraft or watercraft; and occurs or originates on a traffic way, results in injury to or death of any person, or damage to the property of any one person to the apparent extent of $1,000.

Data are provided by annual Crashes and Injuries by County obtained from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) at:

Motor Vehicle Deaths are deaths that occur by county or region of residence and are those which include one of the following ICD-10 codes for the underlying cause of death on Texas Death Certificates:

V20-29 Motorcycle rider injured in transport accident
V30-V39 Occupant of three-wheeled motor vehicle injured in transport accident
V40-V49 Car occupant injured in transport accident
V50-V59 Occupant of pick-up truck or van injured in transport accident
V60-V69 Occupant of heavy transport vehicle injured in transport accident
V70-V79 Bus occupant injured in transport accident

For deaths, data suppression are indicated with "- -" for both counts and rates. Suppression occurs for counts that are 9 or less, or for rates that have fewer than 21 cases in the numerator.

When a data spreadsheet is downloaded, suppressed values will appear as "-1"

Race and Ethnicity "Non-Hispanic Other" race/ethnicity category also includes records with Unknown race/ethnicity and Multiple race responses

Population counts and rates utilize population projections from the 2018 Texas Demographer State Projection 1.0 Migration Scenario Projections:
Sub-groups that meet suppression criteria for low values are not shown.

Border counties include the following counties: Brewster, Brooks, Cameron, Crockett, Culberson, Dimmit, Duval, Edwards, El Paso, Frio, Hidalgo, Hudspeth, Jeff Davis, Jim Hogg, Kennedy, Kinney, La Salle, Maverick, McMullen, Pecos, Presidio, Real, Reeves, Starr, Sutton, Terrell, Uvalde, Val Verde, Webb, Willacy, Zapata, and Zavala. Non-Border counties include all other counties not included as border counties and deaths where the county is unknown.

Additional Information

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